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Relaxing Couple Massage

The Relaxing Couple Massage is part of our services and is a deep, relaxing massage that restores balance to the body and mind.

Sweet almond oil is applied and various techniques whose main function is to promote improved blood circulation, remove toxic substances, relieve stress and restore the psycho-emotional, physiological and energetic area of ​​each individual.

Couples massage is performed in the same room, side by side.

Also enjoy our Rituals for two.

Therapeutic Couple Massage

Therapeutic massage for two or in a group can be applied to different parts of the body or continuously throughout the body, to relieve stress and tension, reduce muscle pain, control pain, eliminate physical trauma, improve blood circulation and flexibility, promote health and well-being and also improve quality of life.

The therapist can use different massage techniques according to your diagnosis and will direct his work according to your needs.

This technique is based on friction, pressure, percussion or stretching, depending on the problem to be treated and the methodology used.

Couples massage is performed in the same room, side by side in the our center.


Relaxing or Therapeutic Couple Massage
60mn | 110€  ,  90mn | 160€ , 120mn | 200€

Relaxing massages are mainly recommended for their relaxing effects on everyone.

Hot stone couple massage.

The couple massage with Hot Stones is the application of thermotherapy, in which heat conduction is transmitted to the body through plutonic stones that have been slowly cooled over thousands of years, remaining in their composition all their energetic potential and biochemical, such as iron and magnesium silicate.

The heat emanating from the stones is applied to people's bodies through advanced massage and thermotherapy techniques. The thermal energy that comes from the stones penetrates deeply into the muscles, promoting intense relaxation, in addition to unblocking and normalizing energy flow.

Couples massage is performed in the same room, side by side.


Hot stone couple massage.
60mn | 140€ , 90mn | 180€ , 120mn | 240€

Hot stone massage, also known as Geothermal Massage, is a therapeutic technique that uses thermotherapy to provide a unique relaxation experience.

Hot oil couple massage.

Why try a hot oil massage for two at our center?

Originating from the Ayurvedic religion, hot oil massage has many benefits.

Perfect for relaxing the body and mind, hot oil massage combines the tenfold effect of preheated oil with the benefits of elaborate massage techniques.

Hot oil massages can be calming, nourishing, energizing, purifying, moisturizing or nourishing.

Furthermore, heating the oil reinforces its properties for even faster and more effective action.

The first contact of the skin with the heat of the oil already calms and relieves muscle tension.

Much of the accumulated stress disappears with this first sensation.

From then on, the person being massaged becomes even more receptive to the massage gestures that follow.

The heat from the oil dilates the pores and relaxes the muscles.

This makes the massage even more effective.

The oil is maintained at the correct temperature throughout the massage.

Relaxation guaranteed!

Couples massage is in the same room side by side or separate rooms.


Hot oil couple massage.
60mn | 140€ , 90mn | 180€ , 120mn | 240€

Discover the secrets behind the luxurious and relaxing hot oil massage.

This ancient technique has been used for centuries to promote physical and mental well-being.

Couple massage with candles.

Couple massage with candles comes from the United States and is made using candles, which are heated until they become liquid.

Then, the products are watered over the body along with massage maneuvers with sliding and compressions, which aid absorption.

In this treatment, the cosmetic candle is always used at a temperature of around 35°C, which makes the technique enjoyable at any time of year.

Non-toxic cosmetic candles are used, free of paraffin, and with specific essential oils to hydrate the body.

The massage does not hurt and there is no problem with burns.

The therapist checks the temperature during the massage.

The couple massage with candles promotes skin hydration for up to 15 days, and also prevents stretch marks, combats dry skin and sagging skin.

Benefits of candle massage:

Relief of muscle tension,

Pain, fatigue and muscle stiffness;

Reduction of cramps;

Improves blood circulation;

Relief from headaches;

Elimination of tiredness,

Restoring energy;

Muscle relaxation;

Relief of symptoms of stress and insomnia;

Relief from constipation;

Increased skin nutrition;

Elimination of toxins;

It helps to loosen and eliminate mucus and bronchial secretion from the lungs, unblocking the airways.

Couples massage is performed in the same room, side by side.


Couple massage with candles.
60mn | 150€ , 90mn | 190€ , 120mn | 260€

Candle massage, an immersive therapeutic practice, combines the softness of melted wax.

During the session, the therapist uses special candles that melt into a luxurious oil, bringing a warm feeling to the skin.

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