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Rituals for two

Elohim Spa Lisbon

Rituals for couple Elohim Spa

The benefits of a massage are many, but they are even greater if you enjoy it as a couple. A massage session is guaranteed to be a real moment of pleasure!

Feel your muscles relax with each movement you apply, slowly plunging into a state of maximum well-being.

The individual Ritual or  Couple Ritual is a great way to strengthen bonds between partners. Take advantage of this relaxation and tranquility service to communicate, share your feelings or simply enjoy the presence of the other person next to you in calm and silence.

Contrary to what one might think, stress can have a major impact on a couple's relationship. It is one of the main causes of arguments and misunderstandings.


Couples massage helps to relieve stress and anxiety, calming the mind, bringing the couple closer together and allowing sensitive issues to be addressed in a calm and serene way.

When was the last time you shared an experience together?

Take advantage of couples massages to reconnect with your partner and spend time together in an intimate and romantic environment that will remind you of your first date. End the session with a gourmet dinner or a romantic walk under the stars.


Couple Ritual Krishna 1h30 | 170€

A 60mn relaxation or therapeutic massage combined with 30mn Reflexology.


Couple Ritual Oshun 1h30 | 180€

A 60mn relaxation or therapeutic massage combined with a 30mn body exfoliation.


Couple Ritual Ganesh 1h30 | 190€

A 60 minute relaxation or therapeutic massage with a 30 minute facial treatment.


Couple Ritual Hina 2h | 240€

More complete offers a 60mn relaxing or therapeutic massage with a 30mn body scrub and 30mn facial treatment.


Couple Ritual Oriental Trip 3h | €310

Including oriental massage 60mn, facial treatment 60mn and reflexology 60mn.


Couple Ritual Tara 3h30 | 380€

The most complete offers 90mn relaxation or therapeutic massage, 30mn body scrub, 30mn facial treatment and 60mn reflexology.

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