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Group Massages Lisbon

Group massage, relaxation and well-being.

Have you ever thought about gathering your friends at our center for a relaxing and relaxed afternoon in an environment totally different from your usual one?

Get out of your routine, innovate and allow yourself to be at peace with the people you love so much?

Just imagine: a day dedicated entirely to relaxation, fun and connecting with your dearest friends.

Instead of just another ordinary encounter, how about turning this moment into a truly memorable experience?

It was with this in mind that we created your Friends/Friends Day Spa.

Whether to celebrate a special moment, such as a birthday, a bachelorette or bachelorette party, or simply to enjoy a day with friends, after all, you deserve it!

Our Day Spa offers a range of relaxing treatments, from invigorating massages to rejuvenating facials, all in a welcoming environment.

Furthermore, they can enjoy relaxation areas to drink tea.

So, how about setting a date and booking your Friends/Friends Day Spa?

Come celebrate friendship and self-care in style.


Book now and get ready for an unforgettable afternoon of relaxation and fun with those who make your days more special.


Ritual Ganesh 1h30 | 85€*

A 60 minute relaxation or therapeutic massage with a 30 minute facial treatment.

*Rates for a group of 6 people or more.


Relaxing or therapeutic massage
30mn | 35€* , 60mn | 50€* , 90mn | 70€*

Relaxing massages are mainly recommended for their relaxing effects for everyone.

*Rates for a group of 6 people or more.

massage relaxant
Hot Stones
At the Candle
Four hands
massage ayuverdique

Hot Oil

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